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What is the Magic Science Production?
We are a team of scientists and artists
passionate about science outreach
by making movies.

Outreach Projects
Science and Space in short-movies
short documentary movie
After more than three years in orbit, the mission of the CHEOPS space telescope on the 7th March 2023 was extended by ESA.
Led by the University of Bern in collaboration with the University of Geneva, CHEOPS is a joint mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) and Switzerland.

Since its launch in December 2019, the satellite's extremely precise measurements have contributed to several key discoveries in the field of exoplanets.

The extension will make it possible to study these fascinating worlds around other stars in even more detail.

The movie was published by Bern University and PlanetS as a part of the mission extension press release.
It was mentioned and quoted by RTS (Radio and Television Switzerland.)

Detective comics style series
CaSSIS is a high-resolution colour stereo camera in Mars orbit, making remarkable images of the Red planet. What mysteries has it revealed today?
Together with Detective Nick, we will demystify the mysteries of Red Planet.
There are two pilot episodes of the comics-style detective story of the CaSSIS movie series. Combining a spectacular fiction movie format full of computer graphics with real science explanations based on the CaSSIS experiment's images from Mars is a unique style of Magic Science Pro to demystify the complex world of science.

AWARD: "Best Short Film Professionals"
The winner of the 5th Global Science Film Festival 2023. It was shown in Switzerland (Basel), China, India and Japan.

The Serial was selected to be shown on the "ESA web TV"

DNA analysis and drone engineering for biodiveristy reserch
Magic Science Pro as Trainer filmmaker for Science Film Marathon in Zurich 2022. The movie was made by Scientists led by Dr Tatiana Keller as a trainer-filmmaker and Tim Stupak as CG designer.

Story: Equipped with the newest technologies, a scientist solves a mysterious appearance in the forests of Graubünden (Switzerland). Uncovering the Unknown is a film about new biodiversity monitoring methods and how the combined efforts of passionate researchers can help us to better understand the biodiversity of our planet.

AWARD: the Winner of the 5th Global Science Film Festival "Best scientists-filmmakers".
Zero-G gravity experiment
"Dust Puzzles" is a new format movie to demystify the complex world of science. We combined a spectacular fiction movie format full of computer graphics, real science explanations, and cutting-edge physical experiments in micro-gravity conditions with Zero-G flight.
All of us are made from stardust. But how were the first small space bodies formed out of the dust in Space?
That was precisely the last question, which Dave did not manage to prepare for the exam. Rushing to the examination, he asks for help from his pocket artificial intelligent HAL-ie. But precisely at that time, HAL-ie involves Dave in passing through her puzzles to receive an answer to his question.

AWARD: "Best scientists as filmmakers" 4th Global Science Film Festival, Zurich
It was shown on different film festivals worldwide.

How to see the smallest bricks of the Universe?

The film tells about a giant microscope - a collider.
We visit experimental facilities that strike the imagination, witness the work of scientists, and even go on adventures.

But there is a unique feature - we observe all of this through the eyes of a child. And due to their curiosity and rich imagination, children sometimes see much more than adults…
Why is Space so attractive to mankind? What is similar between us and the stars? Why do people devote their whole life to space exploration?

In the debut movie of Timofey Stupak, "Through the stardust," you will not find clear answers to these questions, but it will let you go deep inside your own Space to find the clue.
Music Projects
Another area of our creativity
music clips for musicians
We work with worldwide musicians to make their music spark through our magical storytelling in clips.

We are scientists who appreciate the beauty incarnated
not only in formulas but also in other forms.

We are artists fasсinated by science with various tools to transmit the fantastic world of science to the public.

We believe that the cooperation between science and art is a wide and perspective course.
Our Team

Film Director,
founder & CEO

Dr. Tatiana Keller (Drozhzhova)
Space and nuclear physicist.
Film director, screenwriter, videographer, and postproduction.

"Best Director of Documentary" Platinum Award, Best Director Award, New York, USA, December 2023
"Best Documentary Short" Red Movie Awards, Reems, France, December 2023
"Best Documentary Short" Los Angeles Film Award, Los Angeles, USA, November 2023
"Best Documentary" Cosmic Holler Film Festival, October 2023, Kentucky, USA
"Best Science movie" New York Science and Nature Festival, New York, USA, September 2023
"Honorable mention" Space Faring Civilisation Film Festival, Australia, October 2023
"Best short movie PROFESSIONAL" Global Science Film Festival 2023, Switzerland, Japan, India, China
"Best scientist as a filmmaker", Global Science Film Festival, Switzerland 2023
"Best scientist as a filmmaker", Global Science Film Festival, Zurich 2021,
"Best photographer for science", Science Film Academy, Zurich 2021
"Best musical clip", International Film festival "White Nights", Saint-Petersburg 2020.

Ph.D. degree defended in St. Petersburg State University (ALICE experiment, CERN),

Film-directing and screenwriting education received in The Russian State University of Cinematography named after S.Gerasimov (VGIK).

PostDoc in Planetary Science at Bern University, Switzerland.
From Feb.2020 till Sep.2022, She worked under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Nicolas Thomas (CaSSIS experiment on Mars orbit).
From 2011 to 2016, she participated in experiments NA61/SHINE (SPS) and ALICE (LHC) in CERN.

Movies: "CaSSIS. Mars demystified" (award), "Uncovering the Unknown" (award), "CHEOPS. Mission extended"(quoted by RTS Switzerland), "Dust Puzzle" (award), magical clips for musicians (award).

Book "BILDER VOM MARS" 2021 by Nicolas Thomas and CaSSIS team. Russian translation

Dr. Vasilisa Nikiforova
Gravitation and cosmology physicist. Graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Ph.D. in physics (advisor Prof. Valery Rubakov).

She is a postdoc at Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHES), Paris, France (collaborates with Thibault Damour).

Was a proofreader of the Russian edition of the cartoon book «Le Mystère du monde quantique» by Thibault Damour and Mathieu Burniat.

The participant of Science Slam Russia with a talk "How does gravity help us to understand the Universe?"

Worked as a scientific journalist in Scientific Russia Digital Publishing. Singer and songwriter in a rock band.

Producer "CaSSIS. Mars demystified" (award) series, «Hidden Charm».

Creative talented Computer Designer fascinated by Space and Science.
He creates fantastic worlds.

Graduate from The Russian State University of Cinematography named after S.Gerasimov as a sound engineer.

Motion designer in the feature films:
«We» based on the novel of Zamiatine,
«Fairy» by Anna Melikian,
«Baba Yaga: the nightmare of dark forest»;

Art-director in TV projects:
«Shield and Sword»,
«You are my happiness»,
and other entertaining TV programs and news blocks on Russian TV;

Motion designer in many advertisement projects and exhibitions.

Main CG-designer in all Magic Science Pro projects.

Click to see portfolio

Sound Designer
Dr. Viacheslav Kaminskiy
Accelerator physicist. Graduated from Novosibirsk State Technical University. Ph.D. in physics.

Currently works in Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (Novosibirsk, Russia).

He gives science outreach lectures on physics for schoolchildren and adults.

Also he works as a sound engineer in rock clubs in Novosibirsk. Plays the violin and works as a concert/studio sound engineer and sound producer in a rock band.

Creative director and screenwriter in «Hidden Charm».
Sound designer in "CaSSIS. Mars Demystified.", "Dust Puzzles", magical clips for musicians.

Main Artist
Arina Stupak
Graduate from the Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. Gerasimov as a designer for theatre and cinema.

Works as a designer on a TV channel and illustrates books for teens for «AST Press» (Russia). Reader in an art school for children.

She is a fashion model for a famous fashion photographer Antonina Zharko (New York), whose works are published in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar magazines.

She is passionate about aviation and space activities, so these subjects appear often in her graphic works.

Loves to study art history. Inspired by the writings of Stanislav Lem.

Main Artist in "CaSSIS.Mars Demystified"

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