by Tatiana Keller (Drozhzhova)
Dust Puzzles
"Dust Puzzles" is a new format movie to demystify the complex world of science. We combined a spectacular fiction movie format full of computer graphics with real science explanations and cutting-edge physical experiments in micro-gravity conditions with Zero-G flight.

All of us are made from stardust. But how were the first small space bodies formed out of the dust in Space?

That was precisely the last question, which Dave did not manage to prepare for the exam. Rushing to the examination, he asks for help from his pocket artificial intelligent HAL-ie. But precisely at that time, HAL-ie involves Dave in passing through her puzzles to receive an answer to his question.

Years: 2021
The film was made in 3 days of Science Film Marathon 2021 organized by the Swiss Science Film Academy
Behind the stage
Cutting-edge physics research
in the core of the movie
TEMPusVOLA team: Jean-David Bodénan ,Holy Larson Capelo, Mathias Brändli
ESA ZERO-G flight Bordeaux 2021
Since the late 1970s, sticking of dust by electrostatic forces were investigated in microgravity experiments.

In 2005, coagulation via streaming instability was predicted by theory. It was generated and studied in an Earth-based laboratory of Holly Larson Capelo in 2017-2019.

In 2020 Capelo's team become a pioneer in the exploration of dust-aggregate aerodynamics and pattern formation in turbulent flow in micro-gravity flight with swiss-based initiative TEMPusVOLA.

Since 2021 ESA invited them on board.
Global Science Film Festivals 2021,

Zurich, Switzerland
Awards: Best scientists as filmmakers
Tatiana Keller (Drozhzova), Vyacheslav Kaminski
with participation of Holly Larson Capelo and Eashan Saikia

Tatiana Keller (Drozhzhova)

Swiss Science Film Academy

Tatiana Keller (Drozhzhova), Sebastien Turay (ESA shoots)

Vyacheslav Kaminsky

Tim Stupak

Geena Gasser

Tim Stupak

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Dust Puzzles
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