hidden charm
How to see the smallest bricks of the Universe?
How to see the smallest bricks of the Universe? Driven by curiosity, little Alice came to a guide tour at the Nuclear Physics Insitute where her grandpa worked.

There were so many nooks to explore!
But how do you find a way out if you get lost and realize you are beyond the other side of the collider.
All doors are locked and there is no cellphone reception.

Alice tried to find a way out but just got lost queerly and queerly coming into a fabulous and creepy world of the Nuclear Physics Institute. But meeting with her grandpa striped the creepy shadow from the Alice imagination.

Stage: Postproduction.
Expected in 2022.
Tatiana Drozhzova

Tatiana Drozhzova, Viacheslav Kaminskiy, Vasilisa Nikiforova

Alexandr Diachenko

Viacheslav Kaminskiy, Vasilisa Nikiforova
Aleksandr Drozhzhov

Lead Cast:
Alice - Kristina Fogel
Grandfather - Vladimir Kazantsev
Alice (adult) - Vasilisa Nikiforova

Supporting Cast:
Lady in purple - Evgeniya Fogel
Slava - Viacheslav Kaminskiy
Guide - Andrei Shoshin
Vitalik - Vitaliy Balakin
Sashka - Viktor Zhilich
Valerich - Andrei Sokolov
Tanechka - Tatiana Drozhzhova
Excurion visitors - Irina Aparina, Anna Dorosh, Oleg Vorobiev, Alexandr Osokin

Film Sound
Anton Lopanin

Film Editor
Julia Kashina, Kirill Valyaev

Viacheslav Kaminskiy

Script Editor
Tatiana Borisova

Costumes and makeup
Yana Dachkina

Alexandr Diachenko

Olga Gerasimova, Evgeniya Fogel, Sergei Pavlushin

Aerial Filming
Dmitriy Yiusha, Maxim Kuzin
Mass Media
"Such sets are simply not available
even for Hollywood!"
"Hidden Charm"
Kristina Fogel
Actress (birth 2007)
- "Hidden Charm" (2018), lead role
- "Friend from the Future"(2018)

Since 7 years old played in theater studio "Happy story" supervised by Natalia Dubovskaya.
Lead role in plays:
"Pippi Longstocking", "The luggage",
teleplay "Back in time".

Since 3 years old dancer in the Folk choreographic ensemble "Rainbow"(multiple grand prize winner).

Theater awards:
Laureate Diploma 1 degree All-Russian television project - talent cup "Super Star!",
Diploma of participation in the XIX All-Russian festival of amateur theaters "Golden Cobra".

Dance awards:
In 2018:
- Winner of the IV International Festival of Talented Children and Youth "South Coast";
- Laureate of the International Festival Competition '' Time to light the stars";
- Grand prize winner of the IV All-Russian Choreographic Competition-Festival "Contour", Ekaterinburg, etc.

Dreams to become a Hollywood actress.

Vladimir Kazantsev
Theater and film actor.

Since 1993 plays in theaters of Novosibirsk.

Played more then 100 roles.

Main films: "Gayler", "Island of Corrections", "Book of first events"